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Selby Globe Community Cinema
Selby Globe Community Cinema,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthLevel

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,815,006


Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
East Thirsk Community Association Hambleton £23,298 This existing two-year project aims to deliver a parent, baby and toddler group at a local community hall in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The project will provide a safe community hub to bring local families together, to enable children to develop skills and for adults to learn from each other, form new friendships and improve their confidence and life skills. Facilitated by experienced play leaders, the parents will decide on the activities delivered (expected to include support from external agencies such as careers advice, and external speakers), thus enabling them have an input into shaping the project and to feel confident in their future.
Greatwood & Horseclose Residents Association Skipton £10,000 This new one-year project will establish a monthly weekend social ‘cafe’ for residents of the Greatwood & Horseclose estate in Skipton. Session content will be designed and delivered by residents and will include trips, crafts and sharing food. The aim of the project is to bring members of the community together in order to make friends.
Out of Character York £20,334 This new two-year project will involve participants devising, writing and rehearsing new theatre productions which present their ideas for the new psychiatric hospital which is due to open in York by the end of 2019. The members are individuals from York who have suffered mental health challenges and will draw on their own personal experiences of mental health services both good and bad. There will also be public performances and workshops aimed at local residents and health professionals. The aim of the project is to influence a new hospital, addressing the need for best practice, and also to reduce the isolation of people with mental health challenges.
Sleights Area Men's Shed Scarborough £17,920 This new two-year project will establish new Shed projects serving the coastal town of Staithes in North Yorkshire, and surrounding rural areas. Men and women of all ages will be able to access these Men’s Shed and She-Shed projects which involve bringing people together for a range of activities that involve conversation, craft and mutual support as well as more unusual activities such as wood turning, use of power equipment, novel crafts and outward community engagement. This is a project which has evolved out of identified community needs and will be led by local people on a voluntary basis. The aim is to enable people to form stronger social links in their community.
York Racial Equality Network York £42,493 This new two-year project will deliver weekly social activities for individuals and families from Black and Minority Ethnic communities across York. Participants will plan activities together based on their needs and interests, as well as leading sessions on their own. Activities will be focused around sharing cultures such as food and music, sharing and discovering new skills and interests, and learning more about the city they live in. Based at Tang Hall Community Centre, the project will focus on people living on the Tang Hall estate but will be open to the BAME community across the city and will build new friendships and networks between people from different communities.
Scarborough and District Disablement Action Group Scarborough £23,807 This new 24-month project will run a rolling programme of weekly activities for people who access the Scarborough Disablement Action Group. These weekly activities will include art; cooking; exercise classes; and social outings. The activities will enable people with physical and sensory impairments to take steps towards being part of a group/community. 
Tang Hall Community Centre York £49,254 This new two-year project aims to improve digital access for older people, parents and children by making the applicant organisation a hub for digital literacy. The project will deliver regular sessions providing digital skills and will be based in the Tang Hall area of York.
Big Local Selby Selby £10,976 This new one-year project aims to set up regular sessional activities for six groups of participants from two housing estates in Selby. Activities will be determined by the groups themselves, and concerns raised by the groups may help inform the Big Local Plan, to be collated at the end of 2015. It will benefit, among others, older people, young people, young parents, and the Polish community.
Bellfarm Community Association  York £11,820 This new one year project aims to establish a learning and homework club for the residents of the Bellfarm Estate in York.
East Thirsk Community Association  East Thirsk £44,639 This two-year project is the extension of an existing Trust-funded scheme. East Thirsk Community Association will continue to run a parent, baby and toddler group at a local community hall in Thirsk. The group enables parents and guardians to find and create new support networks and it helps the children improve their social skills. There will also be training to the participating parents to improve their life skills.
Selby Globe Community Cinema  Selby  £6,678 This existing project, funded by the Trust, aims to deliver film events for local families, children and older people in areas of Selby facing high levels of economic disadvantage. The project also hopes to reach older people, and to develop its befriending group.
Sight Support Ryedale  Malton and Pickering £30,000 This project is the continuation of Sight Support Ryedale’s existing work and will deliver social groups and leisure activities offering mutual support, friendship, community involvement and increased health and wellbeing for blind and partially-sighted people living in a rural area.  The project will be based in the North Yorkshire market towns of Malton and Pickering and door to door transport will be provided for participants.
Whitby Hidden Impairments Support & Help Group (WHISH)  Whitby £49,900 This two-year project is the extension of a scheme previously funded by the Trust. It will provide activities and parent support sessions for families whose children have hidden impairments and who are living in socially and economically disadvantaged rural areas surrounding Whitby. The project is in response to the fact that families with children with hidden impairments often have limited social interaction and can feel stigmatised and this, in turn, can lead to further isolation and disconnection from the community
Art Therapy Yorkshire Scarborough £38,220 This new two year project will provide art therapy to local people living in Scarborough who are vulnerably homed, on a low income or have experienced poor education and work prospects. The project seeks to connect people with each other and their own creativity.
Clements Hall Trust York £30,866 This two-year project, based on a successful pilot, aims to run weekly sessions engaging older people (aged 50+) who may be isolated or lonely, so that they can come together, chat with others, have a hot meal, and take part in activities of their choice.
Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise Scarborough £23,961 This new 24-month project will establish four different groups that utilize Raincliffe Woods. The groups that local people have suggested so far are: woodland conservation volunteers; the family nature ranger club; bushcrafters; and woodland crafts. The project will target residents from the Barrowcliff area of Scarborough.
Castle Community Network Scarborough £29,181 This new two year project aims to deliver weekly creative workshops in which local residents will take part in gardening initiatives and produce crafts from recycled materials; activities will be linked to the rejuvenation of community spaces.
East Thirsk Community Association Thirsk £45,526 This new 24 month project will deliver 240 sessions of pre-school play group activities and support to parents in the Hambleton Estate area of Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
Selby Globe Community Cinema Selby £12,560 This 24 month project is to continue and extend the Selby Globe Community Cinema's existing programme of activities delivering 92 cinematic events for children, older people and the general public in Flaxley and Abbots Road estates in Selby. 
Trinity URC Whitby Community Projects Whitby £20,134 This new two year project aims to deliver a weekly cafe and IT club for older, isolated residents living in the East Side and West Cliff areas of Whitby. 
Eastside Community Centre Whitby £41,089 A two year project to run a range of weekly community based activities which include activities for children, residents with learning difficulties and a luncheon club open residents of all ages and abilities.
Bilton & Woodfield Community Library Harrogate £17,443 To increase the IT skills of 112 Woodfield residents in Harrogate, which in turn will increase an individual's confidence, self-esteem and ability to interact with others
Friends of St Nicholas Fields York £32,988 To deliver twice weekly activity sessions for young people aged between 8 and 18 years of age from the Tang Hall and Monk Stray areas of York.
Whitby Disabled Action Group Whitby £48,600 To link disabled people living in three disadvantaged areas in Whitby through artistic activities.
Thirsk, Sowerby and District Community Care Association Thirsk and Sowerby £48,814 To deliver a twice-weekly coffee morning and shopping service to 50 older people from the Old/East Thirsk Estates.
Voices for People Selby £49,310 To establish a drop in centre for people with learning disabilities living in Selby, North Yorkshire
Edgehill Community Association Scarborough £34,741 To develop community spirit, pride and social cohesion on the Edgehill Estate in Scarborough, with a focus on older people and general community and neighbourhood work.
Richmondshire Volunteer Centre Colburn Village £49,979 To establish a community café in Colburn Village Hall in North Yorkshire providing a Lunch Club, Tea Time Club and Snack Bar for 360 local people, with 60 regular attendees.
WHISH - Whitby Hidden Impairments Support & Help Whitby £41,862 The project will provide weekly leisure activities (including riding and swimming) for the children and a support group and training for the parents, with 100 people from Whitby benefitting and attending regularly.

The Local People programme takes a neighbourhood approach, engages local people and empowers them to address wider issues in their communities and neighbourhoods through collective action.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
The Conservation Volunteers  York £260,000 Over two years each of these projects will support communities in Hull Road and Guildhall (York) to develop their capacity to identify and implement the solutions which are best for them. TCV will facilitate a collaborative process which will reduce isolation, promote self-direction and personal resilience. The desired outcome of the projects is a community empowered to make decisions and take action resulting in a positive difference to their lives.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Carers Trust   £46,855 To support carers and ensure they are making health choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
Dementia UK   £45,000 Enable Dementia UK to provide specialist dementia care through its Admiral Nursing programme.
Royal Voluntary Service   £39,832 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.
Mind   £40,056  

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Space 109 Community Arts Centre   £10,000 To develop the skills of children that in later life will help to reduce obesity and health related issues
Ryedale & District Mencap Ryedale £6,000 Promote the health and well-being of its members and encourage a healthier lifestyle, through a range of differing yet inclusive activities.
York Community Family Trust York £9,997 Reduce stress, anxiety and pressure and improve mental health within families in need through practical, workable and fun courses which strengthen family relationships and build resilience to respond positively to future family pressure
Home-Start Ryedale Ryedale £6,470 Ensure families have the opportunity and support to maintain a healthy weight and active lives. Volunteers will visit families in their own homes a weekly basis and provide specific support in Healthy Eating and Nutrition.
Harrogate Town Community Foundation Harrogate £7,335 Provide a community weight management programme, which will support people over 45-years-old in Harrogate to increase their physical activity, reduce the number of overweight people and improve long-term health outcomes.
Volunteer Centre of Craven Craven £5,657 Over 12 months, the project will encourage and support 35 people from Skipton with mental health issues to engage with the local community and research and participate in voluntary activities. The aim of the project is to improve the general health and well-being of participants, to improve their self-confidence and to help participants feel less socially isolated.
The Yorebridge Sport Development Association Ltd Wensleydale £10,000 To repair the surface of its multi-use games area at the Wensleydale Centre, in the upper Yorkshire Dales, and purchase new outdoor sports equipment. This will add value to the existing sports, fitness and health related activities provided in Wensleydale and benefit 250 people
Old Town Cooking Group   £9,923 Enable the group to help parents cook cheap, healthy and nutritious meals for their families and improve the diets of local families so that they eat less sugar, fat and salt and more fresh fruit and vegetables.
Castle Community Network Scarborough £9,017 To work with landowners, local residents, community groups, volunteers and experienced growers to develop unused land for sustainable food-growing in order to support residents to develop food-growing skills, to promote healthy eating and encourage social contact.
Harrogate & Knaresborough Toy Library Harrogate & Knaresborough £9,163 Provide affordable access to therapeutic and specialist play resources to families with children who have additional support needs.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Dementia UK   £58,221 Enable Dementia UK to provide specialist dementia care through its Admiral Nursing programme
Carers Trust   £46,801 To support carers and ensure they are making health choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.
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